Race on the largest indoor track in canada! This huge area enables to provide extremely wide tracks, which make it easy to pass. What could be more exciting than approaching a bend neck-to-neck with two or even three opponents? This is the most important attribute, because unlike other indoor tracks, you do not have to drive in single file, and you can overtake other players without causing an accident.

While all other dangerously slippery and narrow indoor tracks can only offer 6.5 hp go-karts (the same as we offer to children under 5 feet!), this track offers real 9 hp (270 cc) go-karts for your enjoyment! Although much more powerful, these go-karts are much easier and safer to drive because of the width and the grip of our tracks.


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  • Options: Add-Ons available
  • Karts speed: up to 270cc
  • Hours: 24h/7



Best and Finest is responsible for your fun but not the actions that might ensue. Any damages or reprehensible actions are your responsability and shall be taken care of by your party and yourself.