Best & Finest was founded in 2014 by David Hener and Warth Stevenson. After years of private parties, club relations and meaningful PR - the duo decided to initialize their Party Services by hosting a series of events and birthday parties.

Being a bit controversial in the media for their tendency to be a bit too wild for some, the group quickly acquired recognition as party animals in the province of Quebec, Canada. With Hener's snapchat reaching the #1 top viewed stories at that time, heads turned wherever they went and it still is the case today.

As the followers piled up, the press releases followed. Hener's talent to reply to his fans made the two realize that even if Montreal is internationally known for its nightlife, it was definitely looking for more thrills.

As of 2019, Best & Finest officially decided to promote their party services in a professional fashion by managing bachelor parties, private events and a wide variety of kicks. Warth and Hener decided to reach out to the only other person who knew how to party as they did - the one and only Mass Min. Altho being half their size, he sure knows his way around a big party and have been entertaining crowds most of his life.

- Best & Finest, professional party planners.
The pleasure is ours.


Meet the team behind the craziest events in the country.

David Hener

Co-Founder & Public Relations

Warth Stevenson

Co-Founder & Organizer

Mass Min

Partner & Promotion