Play in the biggest indoor paintball centre in north america! It’s as simple as that! It’s the biggest, period! It's the only indoor centre to offer more than one field (4 are offered), so that you don’t have to spend your whole day on the same field. It provides sufficient space to accommodate large groups while ensuring that players have enough room to move about and explore.

Groups of at least 10 people can experience the unforgettable themed packages offered! Enter the legend by becoming the hero of the D-Day landings, carrying out a spectacular bank robbery, or even freeing the bride.

Rocket launchers, army jeeps, buses, fortresses, trenches, towers, bridges, ladders, wrecked cars and much more... the never ending list speaks for itself! See for yourself the originality of those spectacular settings, reproducing wonderfully urban battlefields.


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  • Options: Add-Ons available
  • Participants 8+
  • Hours: 24/7



Best and Finest is responsible for your fun but not the actions that might ensue. Any damages or reprehensible actions are your responsability and shall be taken care of by your party and yourself.